The Anti-Defamation Commission perform a pivotal role in the community in defending against hate and bigotry such as racism and anti-semitism. Their mission is just the sought of thing we’re looking to get onboard with, so the chance to work on videos to highlight their successes was a pretty exciting prospect.

What we did:

Our most recent work with ADC was on an address and highlights video for their annual ADC Gandel Oration event. We assembled many of the ADCs victories for the year as well as messages of support from heavy hitters like John Gandel of Gandel Philanthropy, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and VMC Chairperson Helen Kapalos.

What we delivered:

We delivered a nine-minute piece to play at the 2017 ADC Gandel Oration, highlighting the ongoing success of the ADC, the necessity of their ongoing efforts, and the impact the generosity of their supporters has for the community.



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