This is a funky one.

Kane and his clever architects at CoLab Architects came to us with an idea and we brought it to life. The result is a super fresh visual explanation of what make CoLab special, loads of different architects working on your projects.

What we did:

We listened to the idea then developed a plan to shoot it, then came into their offices, set up a make-do studio, and shot them doing their thing. Then we smooshed it together into what you see here.

What we delivered:

The snappy video you see here along with some cut-downs for them to use in various presentations.

What they said:

“Dave has been able to expertly transform a vague idea of ours into a brilliant video. He was effortlessly directed our team during shoot to get the best result possible making the process engaging and fun. Dave really listened to our brief, understanding not only what we wanted to achieve, but also the underlying message and theme. He hit the mark first time, even suggesting the perfect soundtrack. I love what Dave has been able to create for us and if you need video for anything (web included) it would be a mistake NOT to employ Dave at ANGRYchair.”

Kane Barnett – Director, CoLab Architects


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