Field Insight has developed an operational system to streamline and simplify the process of running complex field service businesses, and their customers are psyched about it! Producers like us are naturally excited about tools to help get organised, so we were more than keen to help them show how happy their clients are.

What we did:

We organised a shoot with one of Field Insight’s users to create a testimonial highlighting the many ways the system helps business owners run their everyday operations. Our team interviewed Simon, owner of Sandman Electrics, to gain a deeper understanding of how he uses Field Insight and how it’s helped him achieve a relatively stress-free life!

What we delivered:

After we delivered Simon’s client testimonial, the team over at Field Insight were so chuffed with how good he made them sound, they asked us to produce several cut-downs that they could easily share across their social media platforms. The 12 social media-ready clips we produced help them spread the message online, in both 16:9 and square aspect ratios for platforms like Instagram.

What they said:

“Great work, we are really happy (and so is Simon!)
We will be in touch as we have a few other projects coming up that will need your assistance :)”

Natasha Tyrrell – Chief Operating Officer


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