Kieser are pumped to keep the science in health and exercise and fill their centres with physiotherapists and exercise scientists. Their attention to detail and pride in their approach make them delightful partners-in-crime for creating video content.

What we did:

We’ve worked on both internal instructional videos as well as marketing videos, to attract clientele to their gyms and let the instructors know how to teach them each machine. We also tag along to their speaking events to capture and distribute all their professional development and presentations.

What we delivered:

We’ve created personal journey profiles about a number of clients, the lives of which Kieser has improved forever. Presentations and professional development events are often fairly simple fly-on-the-wall shoots, whereas instructional series are multi-angle, carefully scripted affairs to ensure nothing is overlooked. These series make up the growing arsenal of video content distributed around the world in multiple languages by Kieser Head Office in Zurich.

What they said:

“We have been immensely happy with the work you have done for us and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Tony Smith – Managing Director


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