2017’s Koorie Youth Summit gathered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living across Victoria to be heard, listen and become change-makers in the community – we got to come along and help highlight what it’s all about and what went on, so we felt pretty darn lucky.

What we did:

We went along the day before the Summit to get a look at the facilitators’ getting into gear. On day one we starting shooting events, following Matt and Keilara to get their perspective and interviewing some of the key players. We also began editing a highlight reel of day one, to be screened on day two – there’s nothing quite like the rush of shooting and editing for a screening the next day!

What we delivered:

As well as the day one highlight reel, we created an summary of the entire 2017 Summit, Matt and Keilara’s story, a Video News Release for press, a facilitator hype-video and a feature video on artwork at the Summit.



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