Neustar offers local businesses the opportunity to get geo-specific domain names like – using a local beekeeper as a case study, they wanted to highlight the benefits of a .melbourne domain, so the unique subject matter of beekeeping gave us striking visuals, and the chance to deliver our client’s message in a pretty engaging way!

What we did:

We helped organise a one-day shoot with local honey-makers, Bumpstead Family Apiaries, where we shot owner Justin in his daily beekeeping activities.

What we delivered:

In the end, we produced a short that tells the story of Justin’s small business, and how his new .melbourne domain name has helped him grow and reach new customers. The piece was used by Neustar to encourage other business to consider getting a local domain name for their business.

Why we loved it:

It’s not everyday you get to work amongst bees, on top of which, we reckon some of the shots are pretty visually stunning, so we’re wrapped to’ve been a part!


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