People are usually disappointed by our lack of insight into chairs and other other office furniture, given our bold company name, but we’re proud to say we’re a bit more in the know thanks to the team at Mark Perry Furniture. Creating how-to videos saves their customers from scrounging around an old drawer full of paper manuals when they need to adjust their products, and we think that’s pretty neat!

What we did:

We shot demonstrations of various Mark Perry furniture and how to adjust it to your exact needs. We then sourced voiceover talent to describe the whole process for each piece and gave a rundown of its features.

What we delivered:

We created videos for four different items in the range, for use online by existing and potential Mark Perry Furniture customers. Creating content that shows off features as well as providing instructions mashes marketing and product assistance into one, which is the kind of efficiency we love in our clients and in our furniture designs.



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