During a big re-brand, MAT approached us to help create video content to populate their website over at https://www.matassessment.com/

Using the latest research and objective data, the team at MAT have developed ground-breaking tech and world-leading courses to help health and fitness professionals bridge the gap between pain and performance – improving their movement assessment, treatment and training skills.

What we did:

We produced a series of videos for each page on the MAT website, to better illustrate the services they provide, as well as their cutting-edge tech.

After seeing the results, they also asked us to create social media clips, and video promo for the MAT Pro App.

As a nice little bonus, we also used the opportunity to create a series of cheeky Christmas content for their social media channels.

What we delivered:

For this project, we created multiple website-ready and social media videos to help promote the courses, technology and services that MAT offers their clients.

In addition to the MAT Pro App reel and Christmas series, we have also captured their two Live Training courses.

What they said:

“Awesome as usual”

Stephen King – MAT Co-Founder


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