Not many car brands excite us the way that Mini does, so when Kojo approached us to work alongside them to create some great content for Mini. We were very quick to say yes.

In fact, we’ve helped Mini across a few projects. This one is fun because it’s all about the rich history of the motoring brand.

What we did:

Our crew worked with Kojo to do the production work to create a suite of video content celebrating Mini through the Motoclassica event in Melbourne.

What we delivered:

The suite of videos included a hero edit, then a range of cutdowns in a range of aspect ratios and lengths custom created for the different platforms and optimised for the ways the users engage on those platforms.

Why we loved it:

We love working with Mini because their team have developed a penchant for our style of production, as we have for their cars. 😉 There is a lot of mutual appreciation going on …



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