When Jules and her clever crew at Video Buzz asked us to look after the cinematography of a project for Oxford University Press, we leapt on it! It’s one of those projects that loads of clever people contributed too, and we’re really proud to have been a part of it.

What We Did:

We spent a day shooting with the kids at a primary school, under the guidance of Jules and the team at Oxford. Then we took all the vision back to the edit suites and sliced it up ready for the Video Buzz animators to add their sparkle.

Why We Love It:

It’s one of those projects that we get to show off as some of our finest work as part of a team. We really love the feel of it, and we love that it’s helping schools to make kids cleverer!

What they say:

“I’d like to thank you for being so great to work with. I was rather dreading the whole videoing process, but it has been a much quicker, smoother and easier process than I’d ever imagined, so thank you!”

Gemma Smith – Editorial Manager, Primary Division


“If you’re looking for the best video producer in Melbourne, then Dave Collins of ANGRYchair is your very best choice. We’ve been working with Dave for the past year, and have got to the stage where we almost only have to say to him after only a short briefing, ‘You know what we’re looking for, don’t you…’ Dave brings our messages to life, and allows us to communicate with our customers via video in the most successful way.”

Lee Walker – Director, Primary Division



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