Sportsgirl is an Australian institution, so we couldn’t have been happier to be part of their ‘Trend to Try’ series of makeup tutorials with the highly talented Max May! We’ve also been lucky enough to get invited to their Xmas party to find out what Sportsgirl means to their enthusiastic staff, which drove home how much impact they have, beyond their customers.

What we did:

We worked on four makeup tutorials Max May did using models to apply makeup, added in some snazzy music and slides, and let his talents really speak for themselves. We also went along for the evening of the Xmas party armed with camera and roving microphone to hear straight from the source about the Sportsgirl family.

What we delivered:

We delivered four, two-and-a-half minute makeup tutorials for use on Sportsgirl’s YouTube channel as well as the Xmas party talking-heads, capturing the night and being shared internally to help the Sportsgirl ‘family’ celebrate what they’ve built.

Why we loved it:

We love hearing from people about just how much and why they love what they do – it’s actually one of the reason’s we got into online video – and there’s no denying the team from Sportsgirl are seriously into what they do. We had such a blast filming, editing and working with them!


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