To celebrate 75 years of the Mentone college, the crew at St Bede’s commissioned ANGRYchair to make a mini doco that touched on some of the school’s rich history and told the story of the school as it stands today.

The project remains one of ANGRYchair’s favourites as it was a great project to showcase some of the clever things we can do with our cameras, music and editing.

What we did:

Over 15 days shooting and more than 10 days editing, plus heaps of research and a few fun extras like directing musical genius Mark D’Angelo as he composed the score, and working with animator Jordan Russ to bring photo’s taken 70 years ago to life.

What we delivered:

10 and 4 minute edit of the doco to be used online and to be shown to groups of parents and students to share the story of the college.


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