We went on a quest all round Australia and met the wonderful people who are supported by Travel Counsellors to run their own travel business from home.

What we did:

The goal was to create a series of videos that captured the stories of different counsellors, and highlight the many ways Travel Counsellors supports its members.

We travelled to every corner of the country, meeting all types of families and individuals to produce a series of films that focused on each person’s experience, company values or expertise.

What we delivered:

In the end, we created 32 video deliverables – including individual profiles, personalised social media messages and topic videos.

The reels were used at a national Travel Counsellors conference, as well as their official YouTube channel and various social media channels.

What they said:

“You have been all round awesome! We are very happy with our content.”

Marnie Pugsley – Marketing & PR Manager


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