Q. Can we get a copy of the raw footage if required for future use?

Sure you can, we can send a you a secure link to the footage online or charge a small fee to cover the cost of the hard drive if you want it on a drive, but we think that if you’re keen to do more video down the track you should hang on to it as its a massive asset to have! (We love it if clients have professionally shot footage we can incorporate into some projects.)

Q. Do the packages include music to accompany the video?
Sure does, we use arguably the best music library in the world (the BBC and Discovery Channel use it and we occasionally hear tracks we use for our clients on TV and in film and docos).
Q. How many rounds of edit changes do we get in the packages?

We include 1 round of changes in all videos, and all additional rounds of changes are charged at $200+GST each … we do this because 90% of the time clients only need one round of changes, so we include that in our packaged price.

Q. If you’re already there with a camera, can I just use still photos from the video?

A. Short answer is no…
The longer answer is, if you try to do this it won’t ever look as good as if you had a pro still photographer there, there are lots of technical reasons (shutter speeds, motion blur, compression, resolution etc) but more importantly, you want to have unreal stills to make your website and social media really sing, and our mates at Kit Haselden Photography [kithaselden.com] can work their magic and create some beautiful photographs for you.

Q. What is the lead time from shooting to the final product?

A. It depends on the project, but generally you’ll see a ‘rough cut’ within two to three weeks of the end of the shoot. Then from the time we receive your sign off or any notes, we allow a week to polish the edit and sweeten the colour and audio mix before we deliver you the finished product.

Q. What info can I prepare to make sure my message comes across in the video?

A. We recommend selecting ‘Key Messages’ and ‘Key Visuals’ you’d like to highlight for each video you’re looking to create. We have a handy interactive tool to help with planning once you book a shoot with us, or you can grab the PDF version here.

Q. Who writes the script?

A. In essence, most of our projects don’t have a script in the sense that you might have imagined. We find scripts can really choke up delivering the best message for you … so all of the content we present comes from an informal ‘chat’ (or interview). Then we use your answers (to our cleverly constructed questions) to tell your story, in the most compelling way we know how – with your words.

Q. How much control do I have over things like the style, content and length of my video?

A. As much or as little as you want. As professional videographers, our first job is to listen to what you want to achieve. Then we steer you towards the most effective way of getting your special message across.