Content Planner

Plan a whole years worth of content in ONE HOUR!

So here’s the thing: pretty much everyone who understands marketing trends knows that everyone needs to do content marketing and that the better you do it, the better your results will be, right? But most people think it’s really time consuming and put it in the too-hard-basket.

We’re here to help.

Setup a “VERY IMPORTANT ONE HOUR MEETING”  with the people who make the decisions about your marketing, book a room that you can spread out in.

When you’ve got your people in the room, open your content planning kit and watch this short video to explain how this works. Then get stuck in.

It’s fun, seriously, its one of the best bits.

At the end of the meeting use the blu-tac to stick you planner to your wall and enter your content plan reminders in you calendar.


Some ‘Subject’ ideas:

-Pain points for your customers
-Interesting ways of using your products
-People who are absolute experts in the field
-Emerging ideas about your field of expertise
-Key areas your clients often ask questions about


I have an A3 Printer and want to print the Content Planner

I have a normal A4 Printer (and some sticky tape) and want to print the Content Planner