The emerging trends at the moment are …

Conversion optimisation, that’s becoming very important because content marketing has been a trend and continues to be a trend, but people are now wanting to see what results they’re getting out of the content marketing. Whether it be written content, whether it be video that’s been generated, they need to measure that. Because they’re investing heavily in getting it created, so they need to put an ROI against that.

Content is not so much an emerging trend but I know that it’s changing.  Not just from written  content, but visual content as well. As we discuss, video is very important. Because it allows you to get a very deep message across in a very short timeframe. But allows people to get an instant understanding of your brand and understand what your brand’s about.

Social conversion is another emerging trend. Twitter is now putting ‘Buy Now’ buttons in their feed so you can purchase directly from a Twitter post. So that demonstrates that the conversion from looking at a post and saying ‘Ok I want that’ is vitally important, rather than putting the user through some sort of convoluted process to do that so you’re able to see instantly. It’s about scarcity so if QANTAS have a sale on and they’ve got 50 seats that they want to sell because they have a plane that may be leaving in four or five hours and they’ve got 50 seats vacant, they could post that up on Twitter.  Or if Converse release a new All Stars and there’s a limited run of 500, well the quickest way is to put it out there on Twitter. It’s either ‘Buy Now’ but if someone knows thats their friend is an All Stars fan, they’re going to send them that and share it and say ‘ Hey get onto this quickly it’s going to go.’

So there’s a very instant ability to create scarcity and to sell through what you’re trying to do.