I know a story about someone who used some copyrighted music on a video on a third-party video host, put it on a third-party video host and put it on their website. And they got in an awful lot of trouble for it.

The reason they got caught is that the video hosts and the record company run a scan, sorry it’s not a tunnel I’m just going under a bridge, run a scan and find whether or not the owner of the content has given permission to use that. The example is music but it can also be video, scans, and all sorts of other media.

If you’re using something you don’t have permission to, the technology now exists to stop you from doing it and for the owner of it to, if they need to, take action.

That’s just a warning, and all of my clients will know when they ask to use copyrighted material online that not only do I not do it, I really encourage them not to do it themselves. It’s really dangerous territory.