To get the best mileage out of video spend, a lot of marketing budget will go into video production to get the best return on your investment. I say there’s four critical things that you need to have:

It needs to be shareable, that’s the first one, because you get best mileage out of it. You don’t need to put it in lots of places, people will do that for you. If you create something that they like so much they want to show their friends, then you get this free extra coverage, and that is the essence, it’s the bones of what people have been calling viral for a few years. So it needs to be shareable.

It needs to be helpful and useful, that’s uber important, and that will lead to the shareable thing, but if it’s helpful and useful, especially in the context of business, then that will help that it is shareable.

It needs to be authentic, it needs to be truly you. If it’s not truly you, it’s not a true reflection of your brand, then you’re running into trouble and possibly wasting your time.

And the fourth one is my favourite, but it needs to be compelling. It needs to draw people in. People won’t share something they only watched ten seconds of. They just, they won’t. There’s not enough reason for them to need to pull you through. You need to have content that is compelling.

So, the acronym I use is CASH: Compelling, Authentic, Shareable and Helpful.