Video testimonials are good because you can see the person telling the story. People think that you can make up written testimonials a lot. You know, our bricklaying was superb. Tony in Helper’s Crossing. You know, anyone could write that, it doesn’t need to be Tony from Hopper’s Crossing, there’s no authenticity there. So a video does give that extra endorsement that it is that person actually saying that stuff.

And in an interview, you know speaking about it from the heart in a really authentic way. But the better version of that, for the sake of the people who are going to consume this testimonial, people who are interested in what you are offering, is to tell a story. To bring those viewers in by telling a story about this person who has engaged you and worked with you. What they do, what they did before they worked with you or, you know, got involved with your product, and then how that’s affected them.

And by telling that story and creating that nice little storytelling loop, you can create a piece of content which people will want to watch and ultimately, hopefully, want to share as well. And that’s the essence of a testimonial isn’t it? That referral, the idea of a referral, that people can share that kind of stuff around. Create a story, like a case study but a story about someone who was engaged with your product and had real success with it.