We love working with people who create products that other people love. And I use the example of a good cheese.

A good block of cheese sitting by itself on a breadboard is a good cheese, and everybody goes mmm that’s nice, that’s tasty. And some people, you know, at a party, they might go oh I’d like a piece of that cheese. And I’d like to know what that cheese is, and I’d like to get it for home.

But if you can create an emotional, a tie to that cheese, which is still the same to cheese, and should taste the same, so that it has all the same physical elements, but if you can create that emotional attachment by telling a story, associating a story, and associating a character with that block of cheese, it changes everything.

The fact that that cheese was hand-crafted by a guy who was trained in Switzerland, who is so passionate about his cheeses that when he goes in to check on how they’re going in the cheese rooms, he picks up the wheel of cheese and smells it, and puts it down, and calls them his babies. The fact that you know that his passion and his experience is being, is what has brought the cheese from, out of the milk that was, you know initially in the vat to this creation that he would consider art, makes you enjoy the cheese so much more.

And that’s, there’s only kind of, in my mind there’s only really two ways that you can experience that story. The first one is to meet with the cheese maker and experience it yourself, and that’s obviously really difficult to attain. Most people won’t get to get a tour of the factory or meet the cheese maker.

But with a video you can show that to anyone, and you can help build that emotional attachment, which is real.