It depends on your brand, your product, and what you’re trying to achieve. Scatter gun approach, it spreads you too thin. You really need to understand where your audience is, who you’re going to engage with them, how they’re currently engaged, so part of what you’re doing is your competitive analysis and find out, you know how your competitors are engaging with their audiences, and really define your strategy around that rather than just covering off all channels.

So Twitter may not be an option, or LinkedIn may not be an option, and even Facebook may not be an option to have a really heavy presence for social media. You may be better off spending your budget on paid search, you know, where you know you’re going to be able to pull people through and convert them because you’ve had conversion optimisation consideration applied to the pages that you’re taking them to.

It’s very important to be strategic when you’re planning your digital marketing, because otherwise you’re going to get a lot of wastage. You don’t need to necessarily over invest in strategy, but I think sometimes when you got a smaller budget, you think a little bit more outside the square sometimes. So okay well how can we generate a bit of interest and a bit of excitement? How can we make this really shareable so that we’re getting maximum impact from potentially a lower spend?

So that, you know that comes down to the creative side of it where you do get to have a bit of fun. You know it could be a video that you generate, it could be an animated video, it could be the way that you, the content that you’re putting on a banner ad that’s going to create the excitement for people to click through. So yeah, sometimes a limited budget is challenging but I find them a little bit more exciting sometimes because you have to make it work.