I think this is one of the great questions of any kind of storytelling, any kind of film making anywhere in the world. How do I keep my audience interested and watching? And in web video it’s kind of one of the more… that wasn’t, that wasn’t, they weren’t honking at me, they honking at a bloke in front of us… one of the more interesting ideas.

And in essence, I think the best answer to this question is: tell a good story. If you can tell a good story in whatever time you have using whatever resources you have, and whether that means telling an actual story, introducing someone and telling a little bit about them, a member of your team, or whether it means still conveying your message but creating a good solid introduction, a build on the middle, and create an end which is a call to action and a resolution to a problem.

You know, we were taught it when we were kids. It’s well worth following that formula, because people will want to follow through to the end and will want to know kind of what happens and how to resolve it.