This is my red hot number one tip about how to get more views on your videos, and it relates directly to what the content of the video is.

Offer your viewers and your customers and the people on Google something of high value. Offer them something they want.
If you clean windows professionally, create how to clean the perfect window. And stick it on YouTube. Give away your best tips and tricks.

Because your market isn’t not doing it themselves because they don’t know how to do it. They’re not doing it themselves because they need someone to come and do it professionally because they’ve gotta run their business.

Give away some of your secrets, something of high value, and people will watch it and trust you and kind of come to love you. That might be bouncing that idea around a bit, but come to love you because you’re giving them something for free, so they have this feeling of being indebted to you.

So I really encourage you to give something of high value to your customers and to your website visitors through a video where you explain how to do something which others might not be quite so willing to part with.