Every Marketer wants to make more videos, but how do they do it with their same budget?

We have a few tips for getting the very best value for money from a Video Production investment.

1. Film in Bulk.

For a video production crew to show up for a shoot to create 1x video there are a lot of costs that occur in what could be called a ‘call-out fee’ if they were plumbers. By planning ahead or having a brainstorming session around what other video content you could create on the same shoot, you can save yourself a bucket of money.

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2. Sit in on the Edit Process

If you’ve made videos before you’ll understand that its a complex medium. Images, framing, pace, music, audio, sound effects, colour grade, transitions, story, flow etc etc etc.

With so many moving parts, it isn’t always easy to communicate what you would like to tweak to make your draft into the perfect finished product. So where possible, we suggest asking the production team if it would make sense for you or one of your team to sit in on an hour or two of the edit. It will help give you a sense of what can be done, and help give the editor a sense of what you do and don’t like and the direction you’d like it to go in.

This isn’t always necessary but can be a big time and money saver on particular projects, by saving rounds of revisions or loads of emails back and forth.

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3. Get the Raw Footage

This is about future thinking. We think its ALWAYS best to get your hands on the raw footage from any shoot you have commissioned from a video production company.

There are a few good reasons, (which we go into in ‘Make More Videos Tip: Get the Raw Footage‘) but we think Raw Footage from any professional video shoot should be considered an asset that can be leveraged.

4. Be Prepared for the Shoot

Haha. This seems so ridiculous, but we have been on plenty of shoots where much less was achieved because of a lack of simple preparation.

This is seriously 2 or 3 emails and won’t take you long – we KNOW you’re ridiculously busy. But following the steps in ‘Make More Videos Tip: Be Prepared‘ will save you a bunch of stress on the day and make the day more efficient and open up opportunities for our favourite … bonus content …

5. Make a Wishlist of Bonus Video Content

This is the lowest hanging fruit that almost NO ONE does … Make a wishlist (and prepare a little) for some bonus content to be captured in-between moments of your shoot day.

It could be something like:

  • Handing interview talent a Santa hat and a Christmas joke and asking them to read it into the camera for social media.
  • Asking your team members who are talking about different ideas, to speak expertly about an area they are renowned for as a blog post.
  • Asking your staff to speak about why they love working in your organisation to be sliced into a recruitment video.
  • Asking an ambassador to thank sponsors of your organisation for their support to insert into a thank you email.
  • Asking the CEO to list her favourite things about the brand for your next internal comms.
  • Giving your team members a fake moustache and asking them to pull a face for a Movember video.

Oh, we could go on and on … it really depends on what you’re goals are and how your production crew can add bonus value while they have everything already set up.

Have a squizz at ‘Make More Videos Tip: Make a Wishlist‘  to get some more ideas and how to do this one.


It’s small tweaks in what you’re probably already doing but can make a big difference in terms of the output of what you can make from your existing budget.