One of the great ways to kind of get better return on investment on your video production spend is to ask the people who are making the video to cut up the raw footage into small videos.

So for example when we make our videos we ask for a lot of, we ask a lot of questions about all of the things that pertain to the business that we’re working with, and we cut it up into one small package. But there’s a byproduct of that that can be absolutely used for video marketing, and that is each individual answer to each of the questions can be put up on the website as a standalone thing.

It’s important to convey that kind of message. Helps get your personality and your brand across, and of course it answers questions that people visiting your website will as well. You can upload them as blog posts or upload them all at once in like a Frequently Asked Questions or a extra info kind of section of your website.

Or you can have them just on file to send out in email form if people are asking those questions of you in email in your inquiries instead of typing out an email which is a long answer, you’ve already got the answer because you’ve told someone when you’ve told the person interviewing you when you did the video. Great one.

So the cost for that is small because really the footage already exists, because the production company’s already shot it, and all they need to do is kind of cut it up which is quite a quick job and great return on investment. So there’s a handy thing.