You know it’s funny, I worked in TV for five years and have made some short films and stuff. One question I get asked all the time just in random kind of situations is what’s your favorite movie?
And I can’t answer that in a good sensible way.

I think a movie like Schindler’s List is stunning. I think Anchorman is hilarious. And I think there’s heaps of movies that are really important. Garden State’s one of my favorites as well.

But the things that, when you think about what your favorite movie is, think about why you loved it so much. And almost every time the reason you love it so much is that something about the characters resonated with you.

So when you create web video and a video blog or a video about your business, it’s a great way of doing this. Spend some time introducing yourself as a character. You’re loveable and you already know that, people love you, so why don’t you spend some time allowing your client base or your visitors to your website a chance to get to know just a small amount of you.

And if you can do that and if you can present yourself in the way that the people who know you love you, then you have a better, you know, a better opportunity to convert and create customers out of visitors for your website who look at your video.

So spend some time allowing your character to come through and to tell a story and make your brand more appealing.