When you go to interview someone it’s really important that they are absolutely comfortable. It’s a nerve-wracking thing being interviewed, so I really think one of the main things you can do for someone is make it as comfortable for them as possible.

This stuff might seem silly but make sure the room’s at a comfortable temperature, have a glass of water ready for them so that if they do feel nervous and you know need to have a drink of water they can easily have it. When they come in use small talk to, you know, make them feel more comfortable.

Ask them how their day’s going, ask them about kind of what they’re up to. You know, you got some questions that will make them feel more relaxed before the interview starts.

Try not to be too distinct about the way you start the interview. So for example when I start an interview, the question that I ask is like the next question that I would ask in a conversation.

I don’t say alright now the camera’s are rolling, the interview has begun now. That can be really disenchanting and really confusing and upsetting for someone who’s kind of not really ready to be interviewed.

Because it’s just a chat, and really that’s all it is. It’s not a formal interview, it’s not difficult. Asking questions that they already know the answers to.