I often get asked how I can prepare best for an interview. When you’re doing interviews with us we’re gonna ask you only questions about what you know. Things that you already know, comprehensively. Your work, your life, you know, maybe about where you come from. Stuff that you know the answer to.
So there’s no point kind of preparing answers.

Scripted answers will always look a little bit more forced and a little less real. One of the reasons we use interview so much is that it’s a really obvious and genuine way of telling a real and good story.

So we don’t want you to be presenting a scripted answer that you’ve spent time writing to sound good. We want to hear you talk about it the way you would talk about it in the company of others, having at a dinner party or you know the way that you talk about your work and your life with friends. That’s the way we want you to come across, that’s the most likeable and loveable way.

So to prepare for an interview, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, and you’re presented in a way that you feel most comfortable, and make sure that you’re looking the way that you would like to look. There’s nothing worse than coming away from an interview thinking oh no, I should have spent a bit more time doing my hair. Not that I need to worry about that.

So make sure you’re comfortable. No need to practice or script answers, that’s not a good idea. It’s better for you to tell us naturally, answer questions the same way you would when you’re with friends. And it’ll make you come across more friendly.