So I’ve shot lots of timelapses in each of these video blog starts. The way to set up a timelapse is there’s two ways.

The first way is you can get a video camera and literally hit record and leave it locked off in one place. The most important rule is not to move the camera. If you move it then your picture will move and the timelapse will basically be ruined. You’ll have to start from the point where the camera’s moved.

And then the other way is to use a stills camera and what’s called an intervelometer or a timer remote to trigger the shutter to take a picture every, at a certain equally spaced distance of time apart from each other. So the best, that’s the way that we do it.

We shoot with HDSLRs, you know high resolution digital single lens reflex cameras. And so like a 5D or a Canon 650D with a, literally a cabled remote plugged into it which triggers it to take a photo every one second or five second or ten seconds, depending what the picture is.

Important things to remember are that the exposure will need to be consistent across the whole board. What that means- you use automatic exposure or if you use a locked off exposure so that it’s always consistent.

And then the other thing is that focus needs to remain the same, same way that the camera cannot move.

So lock off the camera in every sense. Lock the exposure, lock the focus, and lock the movement of the camera, and leave it running whether it’s taking stills or taking video, and then speed it up when you get it back.