Live sport is certainly at a strong point in the market at the moment given the amount of on-demand content.

The majority of other content is certainly served when the viewer wants to watch it.

Obviously live events provide that immediacy, and there will always be changes with the way it’s delivered. I think over, we’ve seen that even in the last five, ten years, even the traditional broadcasters obviously having a digital presence.

Certainly with our event there’s only a small percentage distributed at the moment. We’ve continued to expand to cover more courts because we’ve got obviously concurrent matches, particularly now in the first week of a major event, going at the same time.

I think other events that lend itself, like Olympics that, will only continue to extend with more cameras to provide the viewer at home with that behind the scenes experience.

There’s still a lot of right away demand, so there’s potential for it to change but I don’t think anyone knows exactly where it’ll end up.

And I think that’s the exciting part of this space.