In this scenario, is animation or video more expensive, there’s a lot of variables. There’s real video that’s cost a lot more than animation, and there’s animation that’s cost a lot more than real video.

You can talk about feature films, Toy Story was more expensive than Garden State, but Titanic was more expensive than Toy Story. You know, you can do all that kind of stuff.

And in terms of business video, again it depends on your scope. What’s your budget? If you’ve got a budget that will allow for, you know, a kind of a sixty second video with kind of high end production, then you can probably afford to do some animation in it.

But if you’re trying to kind of keep to a budget, there aren’t a whole lot of really kind of low-budget video options in the animation kind of realm. Our ninety seconds for under a grand product is pretty hard to match in terms of a good animation product for the same kind of, you know trying to get kind of level of production out of animation at that same product.

And the reason for that is that animation is extremely time intensive. Each kind of frame has to be animated by hand, whereas you can kind of do it a bit quicker, not necessarily that much quicker, but a bit quicker with real video.