It’s said that people only do business with people they like. That’s one of the biggest decision making influences in kind of sales research is that people will do business with who they like.

Today, and more so now than ever before, a website, an online presence for a business is the absolute storefront.

It’s the first encounter with that business.

So if you present your team or yourself in a way that is you, truly you, you’re loveable and you’re likeable, your family and your friends love you, and the people who you already do business with do love you and like you as well. So by putting yourself forward, even though I know sometimes it can be confronting, some people feel uncomfortable about putting themselves forward, but if you put yourself forward in the truest sense, it’s you. It’s not you pretending to be someone else or reading words that someone else wrote.

You’re giving people the opportunity to like you, and before they get the opportunity to meet you or pick up the phone and talk to you.

And so to that end leveraging online film, and leveraging that by putting yourself in a place where you can be seen all hours of the night and day, and in multiple times on your website, is a huge strategic advantage.