I do a lot of online shopping.

I’ll be completely honest about this … I Love Online Shopping!

And I love gadgets and cool new things. I’m often on Kickstarter.

And one of the things that helps me what I am, or am not buying … is video.

By having video video with an E-Commerce Product – there’s great statistics about the numbers – how much better a product with a video will convert, which is great, very entertaining to read those stats but if you think about your own experience as a buyer, if you can see a video it’s as close as you can get to picking up and touching it, or opening a bag or folding out the legs of the gadget.

By showing a video of that, you’re providing the customer with this these extra layers and layers of information that they wouldn’t have had from just a photo and a description. It creates a huge benefit for customers visiting your website. And helps them convert better.