To create content for marketing, so part of your content marketing plan, I don’t think there are necessarily any set rules, but you need to consider how shareable it is and how its’ going to be re-purposed. So creating a blog post you’re just sticking on the side I consider to be a bit of a waste of energy, and a waste of your resources. Part of the strategy and your planning needs to be okay, what’s the purpose of this, how are we going to leverage off of it? And again, you know, today that’s becoming more important.

Okay, everyone’s been talking about content and getting content up on the site, and then doing that. But they’re not necessarily leveraging off it all that well. But that ties in, I guess with PR as well. If you’ve got some PR activity you should be able to leverage off the quality content that you’re generating.

It’s better to do a mix from a content point of view. But that again is driven by the strategy, so you’re looking at, you always go back to your strategy. So alright, what are our goals? What are we trying to achieve? And how does this bit of content fit into the strategy? You know, is it our message? Are we using the right keywords? Is this going to attract organic traffic? Is this going to be very shareable through Facebook, or is this a really good post for LinkedIn that’s going to give us a bit of that opinion that you want?

I always say to clients: we don’t want to be going with the trend always. It’s okay, and we want to have an opinion on something, and we put our hand up and we write an opinion piece. And we might attract ten percent of the people, but that’s really all we need. We don’t want to attract a hundred percent. There’s enough business out there for everyone. We really just want to look at how we can get a percentage of people to listen to us, and agree and understand why our perspective on this particular topic is valid and that we start to build up a following from there.

So it’s probably a bit of a, it’s a longer-term strategy, but you need to start that somewhere. And having an opinion is always good because people are prepared to listen to that.