For me it’s a no-brainer that content should be of a high standard, because content is a direct reflection of your brand.

But customers often ask me things like: can we do this part with our iPhone or could we do this part, you know, by ourselves?

Of course the answer is yes, and of course content of a low standard is better than no content at all. But every time you relay something it is a reflection of you and your brand.

So by releasing content, written content has typos in it or isn’t, you know, well targeted and well structured or well thought through, or releasing video content that is shot on an iPhone and doesn’t reflect, you know it doesn’t have that high quality standard that you’re trying to portray with the rest of your brand, or that your products, that is reflected in your products, you might be doing more damage than good.

Sometimes it’s better to spend a lot of time producing good content and less of it than the scattergun approach of releasing heaps of content and maybe losing some kind of points in terms of quality and the way it reflects your brand.