Developing a target for content is really important – Otherwise you don’t know who you’re generating for.

You could be writing content that doesn’t appeal to your target audience. You could be producing a video that doesn’t appeal to the right target.

So it ties back to your strategy, you need to back to that and say:


Here’s our target.

This is what we decided as the people that we want to talk to or engage with.”

Thats a very strategic approach – You’re writing it purely for that audience.

You’ve got the ability to be quite specific depending on the channel…

For Facebook we can be very specific with who we talk to and where we put that content, so therefore you are going to be really specific.

If it’s something that’s going out there and it’s going to be found organically, you don’t have that control, it’s just people that are searching, so you can still write it for that audience, because that’s going to act as a filter in some way. So when people land on that page and start reading and go ‘that’s not for me’, ok well that’s fine. But when your target audience lands on it, you know that you’re going to engage with this. You should then be able to convert them.