Testimonial Videos may be the marketers best friend.

I’ve heard people say that written testimonials are the ultimate conversion tool, but they are often made up and are rarely verified. That’s where a testimonial video builds remarkable trust quickly.

A new visitor to your site can find a testimonial video, where your happy customer is speaking passionately in their own words (this is important) about their experience and the result of engaging with your company or brand … and they’re quickly supported in the new idea, that engaging you is a good choice.

Here are some different approaches we’ve used Testimonial Videos.

The Case Study Testimonial

This is fun because you get to learn a bit more about the story around how the product or service was used and build a good picture of the value it represents for a real business (just like yours).


The About Us Testimonial Mashup Video

This is fun because the happy customers tell the story of how they’ve used the product themselves and it creates the shape of what acts as an ‘about us’ video. So, in this instance, the testimonials are the first video a visitor to the website sees, building trust immediately.


The Collaborative Case Study

We enjoy telling stories like this as they are something of a special treat. they’re always ‘feel good’ and they usually are fairly exceptional. the best part about collaborative case studies is that the end result is one video that all the parties can share and leverage.


The Technical Testimonial

Where your product or service targets a specific niche, having a technical voice explain the benefits in a technical way (speaking the language of the viewer) can work wonders. In this example, the surgeon is speaking with great authority about the product in a way that will resonate with other technically mined prospective users.


60 seconds of a refreshingly authentic testimonial can make a massive difference to a prospective customer and is well worth considering when putting together your next marketing strategy.