In online presence generally there’s a whole lot of things that will make your site more authentic.

People talk about photography of the people involved in the business rather than stock photos or logos or images of the associations that the business is associated with and they say that that builds authenticity. Which it absolutely does. A blog post or a social media link to where the people in the business share themselves. And express some of that character.

By having online film that presents the characters in the business and shows their passion and emotion for what they do, you get this little window into their world which is completely authentic.

You see them exactly the way they are, talking exactly about what they do and how they feel about that and why they do it, which is extremely important.

So in that sense, in my mind, online film is absolutely ‘The Authenticity Magnifier’. It’s the window, a beautiful concise window in the world of the people who you’re about to engage with or are thinking about engaging with.

And when I talk to businesses about it I say that it absolutely gives you the edge over your competitors who don’t have this Authenticity Magnifier.