When I walk into a restaurant, and I’m greeted by someone who’s enthusiastic and bubbly and excited, I get excited. And I find myself looking forward to whatever the next thing is, you know, the drinks and the meal that’s going to come.

By having some online film on the front page of a website, it’s like that first encounter. It’s when you first walk into somewhere, the first thing you see is this professional, well constructed representation, you know, rich with information, rich with detail, and yeah of course characters and emotion. But it’s like a maitre d’ greeting you at the front of a nice restaurant, greeting you, explaining, you know giving you an idea, a vibe, a feel, of what the rest of the encounter’s going to be like.

If it’s shaped well, the same as if the maitre d’ does a good job, can make a big impact on the rest of the next part of the experience.