Consumption is going a lot more toward audience not having to think and search for what they need. In terms of the way it’s delivered, there’s obviously a number of ways videos deliver these days through online, through different boxes, through smart TVs. I think there’s a lot more with the volume of content out there.

I think audiences struggle sometimes to find what they want. I think the future is a lot more around discoverability, is actually ahead of the viewer. As soon as you turn on your phone, turn on your device, the right program is there for you. And I think that can be a lot more automated than it maybe is now.

Certainly in Australia the speeds of online video accessibility are only gonna get quicker, so I think as more audiences come online and get up to the speed, then serving video will be easier to a bigger market. And then the ability to interact with the media you’re watching I think will only grow in terms of being able to buy the jacket that your favourite character is wearing in a particular program, or even watching a live sporting event being able to easily navigate and click potentially within the video to buying a product or to further interaction or media related to that event.