You know when you meet someone and go: oh, I wish I could bottle that? Yeah, well you can’t.

I don’t know if there’s a secret sauce, but there are tricks. There’s tricks. So you can talk about all the different elements involved in a production, and so the storyline’s not so great, so let’s give it a bit of jouge.

Let’s try and, I don’t know if smoke and mirrors is the right word, but let’s make these elements better so that that one we can sort of perhaps ignore.

And if we’ve got four out of five, that’s eighty percent, you know, we’re on a pretty good run there I reckon.
If you’ve got three elements that aren’t working, you’re at forty percent, I think you’re gonna struggle a bit.

But you know, you can compensate with the other elements if one of them’s a bit weak.

Except character. I don’t think you can compensate for a lack of character. Because I think that’s where all of your honesty is. That’s where all of your truth is. And if that’s not working, then it doesn’t matter about the rest of it.

You’re not gonna convince people. What you’re saying isn’t going to matter that much to them because they’re distracted, they’re not interested.