We’ve been working in education and with educators for a long time.

And there’s some really simple mistakes that are made by people making education content, that really don’t need to be made, and you can save a lot of time and money by not making these simple mistakes.

  1. Make sure that you spend some time getting the sound right, so people can hear and understand what you’re saying. Make sure that it’s clear, it’s crisp and it’s distraction free. Recording sound, if you’re doing a web capture or something, in a loud room is a terrible idea. The same as if you do it in an echoey room without the proper microphone.
  2. A slideshow with a voiceover won’t be anywhere near as effective as a slideshow where you can see the person who’s delivering the content and it’s critical that you can see and understand what someone’s saying and get across some of those facial cues and body language cues that you get when you see someone speaking rather than just hearing their voice and looking at that one slide.
  3. I’m guilty of it sometimes too. Being too long winded in your delivery can be counterproductive. Get the message across as quickly and succinctly as clearly as you can and then finish the video.
  4. Old school production techniques include a lot of preproduction and then quite a bit of time spent in post production and then back and forth between the client and the people who are producing the content. But for education, there’s more efficient ways of doing it. There’s ways of doing it so that you catch the content live, so there’s barely any or no edit time and there’s no need to go back and forth between the client and the producer. It’s much more time efficient and much more cost efficient and well worth looking into if you’re gonna be producing large amounts of education content.

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