The character is probably the most important part of your story.

You can talk about any number of elements that are involved in your, let’s call it a production. So in that production there’s, you know, a number of different elements. But your character is what is going to bring people into it.

Storyline is same, same, same. You know, how many movies do we see today and we go oh that reminds me of such and such a movie, or that TV show reminds me of that. It’s the same story Shakespeare, the stories that he wrote about were stories that they were writing back in ancient Greek times in the theatre. And we’re using the same basic storylines today.

But it’s the people at the front of it, it’s the people at the front that we identify with, that we either, that we love or hate. Or we look at them and say: that’s someone I wanna be. You know, they inspire us, or there’s an emotional connection. And that’s why the characters are important, because when we invest emotionally, it, that’s not something that’s necessarily tangible. It becomes part of you. It’s like you own it then.

When you invest emotion into something, it becomes really personal, and it gives you ownership.

So your character that you can identify with emotionally, whether it’s a positive or a negative, is what’s going to bring you in and keep you glued to that story.