The advice I’d give is to invest wisely in video, and that it’s a representation of your brand. And people will understand very quickly from the quality of the video, they will make an assessment of what they see, and what they hear in the video, on where your brand is positioned.

So if you’ve got a very high-end website that looks beautiful and you’ve got amazing imagery on the site, and you’ve got a video that is not high-def, you know, it’s not well shot, the interview, you know, if it’s talking to principals or people within the organisation, if the interview isn’t engaging, people will asses that, will assess your brand on that performance essential.

So I always say go for the quality, and make sure that it is a true representation of your brand. Because it definitely lifts it.

And what I like at the moment is when I land on a site, and I’ve got a full page video that I can just, you know, it either auto-plays but there’s no sound, or I can hit the play button and watch it.

And it just gets me immersed into that brand from the first second or two that I’m on that site.