All of these video blogs start with a timelapse. A timelapse is where you lock a camera off. That is to say you put it in one position and you stop it from moving, panning or tilting, or bumping or jarring. And you just record for an extended period of time.

Sometimes that extended period of time might be five minutes, sometimes it might be twenty minutes, sometimes it might be a few hours, sometimes it might be months.

And then you speed it all up.

The reason this is effective is because it’s quite a nice visual effect. Often it can kind of tell a story of passing of time or something like that, and it can really add to, you know, the quality of the video.

We’ve got a big library of them that we use for a few of our kind of productions and where we’ve got a bigger budget we’ll go in and shoot some timelapse.

Sometimes it’s a good way to show things like how people move through a space, like an intersection, or through a park. Or sometimes it’s cool to show the way time moves and clouds move past a building, or the sun sets, or those kind of things.

The reason that we use it is to show the passing of time. It’s a high production element and let’s be honest, they look pretty cool. That’s why I start all of these with a timelapse.