I mean this is hugely subjective and there’s lots of different answers and there’s lots of different good apps.

The one you’re watching that this was shot on and that I shoot most of the video blogs on, it’s called Movie Pro. It’s available in the App Store. It’s got lots of manual settings so I can manually control the volume of the microphone, I can adjust the exposure and the focus and the white balance.

If you’re not too worried about that then it’s better to just go with the camera applets in your phone. It’ll do plenty, and if you find it hasn’t quite got enough manual controls for you, then you might find that you can go up to something else.

Having said that there are some manual settings inside the, for example, the iPhone video app. I found them not, I couldn’t adjust them as much as I wanted so that’s why I’ve gone for this.

Really it’s like when I pick a camera, I pick something where I can control all the settings more. That might not be something you’re interested in.

So this is Movie Pro, but just start with the one that you’ve got in your camera already, and see how it goes. If you start having trouble, then move on. That was a long way of explaining that, wasn’t it? Sorry.