When I go to the cinema, the way I can tell you if that was a good film, I walk out and I go that was a really good film because I was absorbed in the first few minutes, and when the credits started rolling I stepped out of the fantasy that was that, that was that film.

So that’s the determination of a good film is to be absorbed into it and to live within it for the, you know, ninety minutes or two hours, and then to step out of it at the end. To be immersed. So that’s, that’s when it’s good.

If there’s something that jars, like continuity is the one that gets me a lot. If there’s a continuity error, I’ll suddenly go oh, continuity error, and I’m thrown out of the story, and then I’ve got to work my way back in. So it’s, yeah, again it’s about all of those elements working together. That’s when it’s, that’s when it’s at its best.

Television commercials, the ones that really stick with people, are the ones that have all of those at once. It’s a very short story told very quickly, but yes you can absolutely, you have good stories and bad stories. You know even now you can recount off the top of your head a number of TV scenes you’ve seen in the last couple of days, and they’re probably the ones that are well-made stories.