The microphones that are fitted on handycams, any kind of video camera, and I include broadcast cameras in this, but particularly on smartphones, they aren’t made to pick up the sound of someone’s voice the way that you hear on the telly or in a movie.
They’re made to collect the sound from the environment.

So if you want to create videos that show someone talking and you want to be able to hear them, then you should be looking at something like what I’m using now which is a Rode SmartLav. I think I paid fifty five Australian dollars for itl, and it’ll give you a really nice, crisp sound, easy to use, and you’ll get a really good sound out of it.

Whereas if I was just using the camera one, the one from the camera, you’d hear that there was a distinct, a really distinct difference. And the background noise that you get and handling noise and stuff like that, vibrations from the car mount, all that stuff.

So really recommend that you get an extra microphone and a lapel SmartLav, something that looks like this, is not a bad option.