So, the story of ANGRYchair goes a little something like this. When I was in high school, a group of three of us decided we should make some short films, and we wanted to make quite a few, enter them in competitions, and that kind of thing. So we decided we should come up with a name.

And we thought quite a lot about the name and decided it wasn’t that important, and started to make our first movie. The first movie which you can still see, but it’s terribly embarrassing, was a bit of a frustrating process. And all through the process each of the three of us were getting kind of fired up. And so the angry chair was instituted where you had to sit if you were the angriest.

The funny thing about the angry chair is that that’s where all the best ideas came from, and so we decided that the angry chair would be a good kind of name for our little film group.

We created quite a few kind of short films under that, and then it kind of disbanded, we all went off and did different kind of jobs, and I kind of came back to it and thought, you know, that’s a, I really wanted to do this kind of work and I thought that was a nice kind of name and a nice, you know, a bit of fun to kind of make you know really good video content under, given that the angry chair was where the best ideas came from.

So, hopefully I guess I’m still sitting in some kind of an angry chair.