So, we’re talking about the advantages and disadvantages of using Vimeo versus YouTube, or somewhere else.

Vimeo has a lot of really good things going for it. One of the things that I really like about Vimeo is it’s kind of a space for produced video. It’s kind of a place where you put a good video. You expect, if you’re watching a Vimeo video, or a video on Vimeo, geeze that’s a mouthful, you can expect that it’s gonna be reasonably high quality, easy to watch, it’s gonna tell a story.

So I think that’s a real benefit, especially if you want to align your brand in kind of like a classy or stylish or professional kind of way.

The disadvantage is that it isn’t the same as YouTube. YouTube is kind of owned by Google, so you get some of the SEO benefits of Google with YouTube. But in essence, I think if I, the way that I use Vimeo and YouTube is YouTube I use for stuff that I want to get more views and get more hits and come up in search engines, and Vimeo I use as a nice place to host videos, you know my nice well-produced videos as a good place to identify my website.

You can use other video hosting services as well, there’s plenty out there. Some are free and some are expensive but the two main ones are Vimeo and YouTube, and if you pay for a Vimeo subscription you can get most of the same benefits that you could get with some of the other paid ones as well.

But definitely dip your toe in the water with Vimeo if you want to kind of position yourself as a classy product with classy videos.

YouTube is more kind of a cat video focus. Not that there’s anything wrong with cat videos, we all love cat videos. Especially the one with the cat and the piano.